A post for describe the post site itself


Every time when I learned something, I want to try it out and my blog site is the place to let me play around.

In my last post I mixed giraffe, HTMX and blazor together. To verify that combination I upgraded this blog site again. The updated features are:

  • Create static post under the source code repo
  • Create dynamic post using fsharp
  • Added search functions powered by HTMX
  • Added likes survey function
  • ...

And here, this post itself is a dynamic post. For example I can add a like survey component at below (After you clicked on Yes or No, it will disapear. Normally it is displaied at the end of each post):

Do you like this post?

You can also easily copy paste html and display by using Static.html, for example below is an alert example from daisyUI:

12 unread messages. Tap to see.


It is nothing but the source code of a simple personal blog project, allow me to write normal markdown post and also allow me to write post with code. Here is using fsharp. The idea is a little bit like Astro.

I thought I should have more to talk about in this post, but ...

Just wasted my time again! slaveOftime

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