Giraffe style routing for Fun.Blazor


Before I like the Feliz.Router very much, because it is very simple to start:

html.route (function
      | [ "router" ]
      | [ _; "router" ] -> html.text "Router"
      | [ "router"; Route.Query [ "name", name; "age", Route.Int age ] ]
      | [ _; "router"; Route.Query [ "name", name; "age", Route.Int age ] ] -> html.text $"name is: {name}, age is: {age}"

      | _ -> html.text "Not my concern."

It is easily to extract data from url and also very explicity, its concept is very straightforward. But recently I found it is not easy to manage a little bit complex routes, and composing longer segments makes it hard to read. For example I can do

html.route (function
    | [ Route.Ci "document"; Route.Int docId; Route.Ci "comments"; ....  ]

I use Giraffe on backend a lot and like its style very much. So copy its code and integrate with blazor could make things funny. Now I can write things like:

html.route [
    routeCi "/whatever"
    subRouteCi "/router" [
        routeCi "/document" (html.text "Dcoument page")
        routeCif "/document/%i" (fun x -> html.text $"Document {x}")
        routeCiWithQueries "/documents" (fun queries -> html.text $"Documents with query: {formatQueries queries}")
        routeCifWithQueries "/documents/%s" (fun param queries -> html.text $"Documents(Param: {param}) with query: {formatQueries queries}")
/// Or
let routes = [
    routeCi "/antdesign"            demoAntDesign
    routeCi "/fluentui"             demoFluentUI
    routeCi "/mudblazor"            demoMudBlazor
    subRouteCi "/router"            [ routeAny Router.Router.router ]
    routeCi "/elmish"               Elmish.Elmish.elmish
    routeCi "/helper-functions"     HelperFunctions.HelperFunctions.helperFunctions
    routeCi "/cli-usage"            CliUsage.CliUsage.cliUsage
    routeAny QuickStart.QuickStart.quickStart

Extracting the queries is not gonna difficult, I may write some helper functions (like Zaid-Ajaj/Giraffe.QueryReader: HttpHandler for easily working with query string parameters within Giraffe apps. ( to do that if necessary. Or just use json serializer to handle dictionary directly to bind to some model. Now I just expose a map of the query.

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